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I can’t be the dad you want me to be

Dear Js, I now know what it’s like… to feel like I might not make it. You know what I mean? Think about all the times you tried something hard. I’m talking about that moment your body and your brain says, “I quit.” When you’re

Return from a family adventure (+ why children ask WHY – solved)

Dear J, And then it was time to say goodbye. On our last day, we visited Abu Jose’s farm. They call it a farm in Spanish, but it’s not one where farmers farm. He didn’t have animals but his neighbor did. But they had a

The fox and the grapes – parents must jump for grapes

Did I tell you about the story of the Fox and the grapes? I must have. But I might not have told you about the deeper meaning behind it. It’s a story about Cognitive Dissonance. Cognitive Dissonance is when you feel a conflict in your

“I don’t want the big bad wolf to come into my house!”

Dear J, You woke up in a full scream. “AAAAA!” We ran to your room. “What’s wrong?” A few nights ago, the dry air gave you a nosebleed in your sleep. So, we thought we’d find you in a pool of blood again. “Are you

Why daddy, why?

Dear Js, Mama and I have collapsing with more wounds to lick at the end of each day. Two days ago, J found his favorite word. One morning before school: “WHY?” Because the train is not here anymore. We cannot see it if it’s not