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Difficult but happy (+Goodbye new home, flying to old home)

Dear Js, I wanted to write a quick letter to you this time, because we’ll be leaving for KL in a few days. I wanna share the most recent home things first, before we’re sucked into the Chaos over there. So unlike my usual long

Return from a family adventure (+ why children ask WHY – solved)

Dear J, And then it was time to say goodbye. On our last day, we visited Abu Jose’s farm. They call it a farm in Spanish, but it’s not one where farmers farm. He didn’t have animals but his neighbor did. But they had a

Happy Birthday to me, I’m off to the plane with you three!

Dear J, You said, “I want to eat the middle, you can eat the outside.” You want us to have birthdays because you make them your birthdays. This letter will be shorter than usual. We’re leaving for Puerto Rico tomorrow night. Today’s Friday. We haven’t