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Mama’s hero week

Dear Js, The letter today will be mostly about mama. I know, what a relief, right? Yea yea, I get tired of me too. Anyway, we pulled you from your daycare ~2 weeks ago. Mama wanted you home before your new school started to have

To J from Mama: her rocking chair flashback with you

Hey J, Don’t worry. This letter isn’t from me. It’s from your mom. Last night, you kept conning me to change your diapers because you didn’t want to sleep. I finally had enough and so you said you wanted mama instead. Later, she told me

Return from a family adventure (+ why children ask WHY – solved)

Dear J, And then it was time to say goodbye. On our last day, we visited Abu Jose’s farm. They call it a farm in Spanish, but it’s not one where farmers farm. He didn’t have animals but his neighbor did. But they had a

This is how I pee

Dear J, My heart is broken. You don’t love me anymore. It’s bad enough that J2 cries and rejects me when she notices it’s me instead of mama. Now you don’t want to play with me anymore. You used to shout “Daddy!” as soon as

First crush… already?

Dear J, Guess what – Abu Vicky is coming tonight! Mama is on maternity leave and it looks like Abu Vicky is going to be here in time for Julia after all. For a while, we were thinking Julia was going to be early. We