What happened to your favorite bakery? How does a local favorite that makes so many people happy… suddenly die? Can you succeed with a heart and soul anymore?

(Right click to download CheatSheet.pdf)

(Right click to download Cheat Sheet PDF)

If you own a business, it should scare you that even great bakeries can’t survive in this economy.

The problem is, just having a great product or a service doesn’t cut it anymore.

Why not? Because the world has changed:

1: Extreme competition. It’s never been easier to start a business. You no longer need a physical store to be the largest retailer in the world. And in the global economy, it’s no longer smart to compete on price. Many people live on $1 a day and there are people who will do your job for less.

2: Loyalty is dead. People have no shame comparison-shopping with their phones in your store. Four in Five of all your customers Google for alternatives to replace you.

3: 9-second attention spans. Now that everyone has a voice, we are drowning in noise. To survive, we’ve become experts at avoiding the 6000 marketing messages assaulting us daily. The average household watches TV while using their laptop, while glued to Smartphones that encourage multitasking, distraction and procrastination. Even if you had the greatest product, how will anyone know about it if they won’t pay attention?

With so many options these days, it can get confusing. So, I made this guide to share with you my 18 favorite recipes for creating new customers and getting existing customers to buy more often.

What’s inside:

  1. the 21st century “Gold Rush” (and how to avoid the embarrassing and costly mistake of getting fooled) — p. 11
  2. your most dangerous competitor in today’s world (hint: it’s deadlier than any businesses in your category) — p. 9
  3. the big lie internet and business “experts” want you to believe that stuffs their pockets and drains yours (plus how to spot the crooks) — p. 11
  4. the 4 building blocks of a Global Neighborhood — p. 13
  5. your ultimate weapon against Goliath companies (and why they can never win if you arm yourself with this — even in a weak economy) — p. 28

… New systems for attracting your best customers (and more of them)…

  1. 6 keys to identify your ideal clients (who love you, pay what you ask, can’t get enough of you and tell everyone about you) — p. 15
  2. the 4 Rs to hit bullseye with your ideal prospects every time (never persuade, convince or “sell” ever again) — p. 15
  3. how to position yourself to be magnetic to your ideal clients (and have them seeking you out— ready to buy —instead of you chasing them) — p. 23
  4. how to attract people who love you, buy from you and buy more often… by scaring most people half to death with your personality (and why it’s a fatal mistake in today’s world to suppress yourself to look “professional”) — p. 33
  5. what you’re holding back that’s more valuable than what you know or what you have to offer (that your prospects desperately crave) — p. 19

… Surprising secrets to where real wealth comes from in your business…

  1. what’s at least 5 times more valuable than cash from one sale (this diagram shows how one simple change transforms all your advertising and marketing from expenses… into your most valuable investments) — p. 25

  2. the most important element of your Global Neighborhood (without this, you have a hobby, not a business) — p. 36
  3. how to extract maximum profit from small numbers like the Plains Indians (most never notice this “diamond mine” in their own “backyard” — the smart ones who do make it their primary business) — p. 35
  4. what you must do for every prospect who does not immediately say ‘Yes’ (to double your profits without attracting new people) — p. 25
  5. the question you must ask after each sale (or you slam the door on people who want to buy more from you) — p. 35

… Plus…

  1. the #1 pricing mistake people make (and how to turn Price from a weakness into a weapon) — p. 30
  2. a 6-step formula to determine your Price using the latest in behavioral economics (free yourself from old pricing methods like cost/mark-up, competition, or features/benefits… and never second-guess your price again) — p. 31
  3. what you must do before spending time or money on a website, business cards, social media, advertising or marketing (or you’ll make the mistake of “putting the cart before the horse” and end up with expensive “lemons”) — p. 15
  4. a 3-point “acid test” to answer the double-edged question, “Should we do this [latest fad]?” (so you can avoid costly distractions and poor investments) — p. 43
  5. why you should stop networking with “everyone and anyone” (and how to identify 3 sources of powerful allies you never have to ask favors from) — p. 40
  6. why press releases are a waste of money and the life cycle of a viral story in the new media universe (plus how to exploit it without a costly, lazy and unreliable PR agency) — p. 41

This is a 41-page guide with a cheat sheet for you to fill as you go. When you’re done, the cheat sheet becomes the foundation for your business marketing plan. (Preview CheatSheet.pdf.)

It’s yours — download the 18 recipes FREE.

The mystery of the dying bakery

Chances are, a favorite neighborhood place you once loved is now ashes. If you own a business, aren’t you curious about why good businesses mysteriously disappear, or “Who killed your favorite bakery?

Here’s the truth. The real enemy isn’t someone we love to hate. It’s easy to pass the blame to “mass-production” or “big evil corporations”… or even the economy. But that’s as unproductive as yelling at bad weather or all the things you can’t change.

So, who are the real murderers?

They are the owners themselves!

Those who were too busy working in their businesses rather than on them…

… those too busy only improving their “thing” or craft — thinking that having the greatest product or expertise is enough…

… those too busy mucking with latest fads, rather than building upon proven principles…

… those too busy on the urgent, rather than the important.

Why? Because the secret truth is scary… but simple:

#1 Fact: When you focus only on your deliverables, you put yourself at risk to be replaced by anyone who can deliver the same thing.

And in today’s economy, many people can produce the same thing you do. And they can do it for cheaper.

Just ask all the dead bakers who made better cakes than Walmart or Costco. (Retail Bakers of America reports: Walmart is now the #1 seller of baked goods and Costco is the #1 cake maker. ) Did having better cakes save them? That’s right. You may not be a baker, but you’re crazy to think you’re safe.

So before you do anything with your website, blog, social media, marketing or advertising… please read this first

Because the World Needs You!

You have something special most people don’t have, and many never will — you. And because you’re reading this, you’re probably wired a little differently from most people. You’re crazy/brave enough to do something about it.

But that’s not enough. Because hope is not a business.

You need a system that takes advantage of your passion, personality and everything that makes you you.A system you can depend on for your family, even in a bad economy.

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