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Parents are people too (+ “how to fix inequality”)

Dear j, You fell off the bed again. This time it wasn’t me. Mama was at her computer. I was downsttheairs when I heard a thud, followed by a WAAAAAA. I ran up. Mama said, “Why do I think I can hear her when she

You need feelings to make straight choices

Dear Js, This beer. It’s not working. Not tipsy enough. I’m fetching another. The first one was my Friday beer. The next one is my celebration beer. Why? Because I kicked ass today. Mama did too, but I’ll do me first this time, then her,

Happy Dino Birthday Pizza Cupcakes

Dear Js, For the first time in history, your generation will get to see what your childhood was like. In video and pictures. Unlike when your mama and I were children. There are questions we can never answer. Like “What was I like when I

I can’t be the dad you want me to be

Dear Js, I now know what it’s like… to feel like I might not make it. You know what I mean? Think about all the times you tried something hard. I’m talking about that moment your body and your brain says, “I quit.” When you’re

We fixed the dryer together (and it didn’t blow up)

Dear Js, You know what sucks about being a parent? Not being able to quit. If you play a game and had enough, you can just walk off the field or court and say ok I’ve had enough. You can’t do that with kids. I

Success trick: always try two equally hard things at the same time

Dear Js, Mama’s starting a new evening routine – Crossfit. The video above is of one of the more pleasant nights. But the other night, she left a little later because she had to go I guess. I was tired from work and I got

Discovering the joy of drawing

Dear Js, One evening, I was supposed to be playing with you but I was mulling about a problem in my head. To sort my thoughts, I like to draw in my notebook. You came over and said, “Daddy, I want to draw with you.”

Your first programming lesson

Dear Js, I did it. I didn’t think it’d be this soon. You’re not yet three, but you learned how to program. We were at the Children’s Discovery Museum last weekend. There were two new displays there. They’re basically the same thing. One of them

The weather outside is frightful…

… but the cold is so delightful? Dear Js, It’s getting dark earlier. Traffic has gotten worse. People here must be terrified of driving in the dark. My commute has gotten almost twice as long. There are accidents every day. I guess it’s harder to