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Return from a family adventure (+ why children ask WHY – solved)

Dear J, And then it was time to say goodbye. On our last day, we visited Abu Jose’s farm. They call it a farm in Spanish, but it’s not one where farmers farm. He didn’t have animals but his neighbor did. But they had a

Woman: the quest for a voice after false freedom from silent slavery

Dear Js, Here’s a puzzle for you: If you have a daughter, how would you raise her? What does it even mean to be a woman? Are there right ways? How are the ways we screw it up? Do you raise her like a girl?

Toddler Time Attack

Dear J, Everything takes longer with you now. You only want to play. And you refuse everything that isn’t play… like coming back inside, nap time, dinner time, bath time, bed time, … So, the latest battle with you is a battle against the clock.

People are animals

Dear J, I made that sign as a reminder to myself, because I often think too highly of people. When I proudly showed Mama, she scoffed and said, “You know, ‘people’ includes you too.” I replied, “I know! That’s what makes this sign awesome!” I

Now you know your ABCs

Dear J, It’s 2am and I just finished some personal writing. I’m taking a break and writing to you. Just fetched a beer from downstairs. A little late for my first beer but I had been putting it off to avoid breaking my rhythm, and

Positive thinking can kill you – a good habit can save your life

Dear J, Over the Christmas break, I had a whole day with you because mom had to work. We went to the Children’s Discovery Museum. You were a riot as usual. I’m proud to say I survived. It was the day after Christmas — it