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Christmas 2019

Dear Js, Another year has gone by. We’re all another year older. We received a letter from our realtor this Christmas. She is Jewish and she sends us a letter about her family every year. That reminded me that I haven’t written to you in

Visit from El Nino

Dear Js, It was my birthday. You surprised me, or tried to anyway. J told you, “Don’t tell daddy about our secret.” j: “Okay, I won’t tell daddy about the cheesecake.” J: “NO!!! Don’t tell daddy about the cheesecake!!! If you EVER do that again…

I hate you

Dear Js, Can I say that? I don’t know. It’s hard for a dad to say that. But even if I can’t say it, sometimes my body sure feels like I do. I mentioned it to mama and she gasped in a “How could you

Like a one-legged man in an ass- kicking contest

Dear Js, I wrote a whole bunch of stuff over the last two weeks. But for some reason it got deleted. Serves me right for trusting a web-based text box again. I feel like Sisyphus. Like someone rolling a rock up a long hill, then

New Year’s champagne in October

Dear Js, Sometimes, things don’t go as planned. Sometimes, they end up even better. We had a crazy day in our house this week. You should be proud of both of us. We had many successes together on one day. I’ll go first. Remember the

The fox and the grapes – parents must jump for grapes

Did I tell you about the story of the Fox and the grapes? I must have. But I might not have told you about the deeper meaning behind it. It’s a story about Cognitive Dissonance. Cognitive Dissonance is when you feel a conflict in your

Words are amazing!

Dear J, Part of being a dad is getting treated to moments like this. And like any good dad, the first thing I’ll do is laugh and tell your mom. The next thing I’ll do is fetch my camera. Hey, you try having kids. Being