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Kids are beautiful like Jewel Wasps

Dear Js, Mama and I talked for a few hours after you two went to sleep. Each night, we lick our wounds and wonder if we’ll make it. When we were done it was 11.30pm. We don’t talk as much as we used to but

Mama’s hero week

Dear Js, The letter today will be mostly about mama. I know, what a relief, right? Yea yea, I get tired of me too. Anyway, we pulled you from your daycare ~2 weeks ago. Mama wanted you home before your new school started to have

Parents are people too (+ “how to fix inequality”)

Dear j, You fell off the bed again. This time it wasn’t me. Mama was at her computer. I was downsttheairs when I heard a thud, followed by a WAAAAAA. I ran up. Mama said, “Why do I think I can hear her when she