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Sprinkler stomping

Dear Js, You two came back from school, asleep, with no pants on. I asked, “What happened to his pants?” Mama said you guys got them soaked in mud. Both of you were so tired, you slept from 5.30pm thru dinner. No bath. J, you

Success trick: always try two equally hard things at the same time

Dear Js, Mama’s starting a new evening routine – Crossfit. The video above is of one of the more pleasant nights. But the other night, she left a little later because she had to go I guess. I was tired from work and I got

3 days at a secret beach paradise (for families with kids)

Dear J, I don’t know how we’re getting you back to school. I don’t even know what story we’ll have to concoct to trick you to come home. Today you cried for half an hour because you realized it was Sunday: “I don’t want to