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Goodbye, titi :(

Dear Js,
It’s been 4 months since I last wrote. I really fell off the horse this time. And now I’m trying to climb back on. Forgive my sloppiness as I dump stuff on here to catch back up.
The last draft I had in

I can bunny hop

Dear Js,
love the new bike
new world of pain
Day 1 – rode bike back from seller. Rear shifter pall was gummed up, didn’t shift down. Didn’t matter, I didn’t change gears once. Seller said front might have slow leak. I think he

Saved your life again

Dear Js,
I saved your life, j. Again. I thought you would have learned after the last time you almost drowned. But NOPE. It’s our fault I guess. Because there’s no way the human race survived this long without learning that water is danger. But

“I am a bad boy”

Dear Js,
Abu left.
On the way to the airport:
J: “Mama, I don’t want Abu to leave us.”
Abu silent
j: “I’m feeling a little sleepy”
closed eyes
J: “but then you won’t be able to say goodbye to Abu.”
j: “at least I