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I can bunny hop

Dear Js,
love the new bike
new world of pain
Day 1 – rode bike back from seller. Rear shifter pall was gummed up, didn’t shift down. Didn’t matter, I didn’t change gears once. Seller said front might have slow leak. I think he

First visit to Grandma & Grandpa’s home (+ uncle’s wedding)

Dear Js,
Oh man. We’re finally back home. You have no idea. So happy to be home. And now that we’re finally over our jetlag, let me tell you how it went…
Act 1: Plane ride to KL. It started alright. We had tons of

Visit from El Nino

Dear Js,
It was my birthday. You surprised me, or tried to anyway. J told you, “Don’t tell daddy about our secret.” j: “Okay, I won’t tell daddy about the cheesecake.” J: “NO!!! Don’t tell daddy about the cheesecake!!! If you EVER do that again…

Happy Earth Birthday

Dear Js,
On the last day of 2014…
J: “Everybody sit on the couch and watch me pop my star. 1… 2… 3… No. 3… 2… 1… POFFFF. j pop your star!”
j: “Me busy Jacha.”

I think I finally figured out why holidays and

First pedals

Dear Js,
Guess what! Today is a day with another first.
Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

It was interesting.
The first thing I did before even loading it up into our trunk was take the training wheels off. I told you that the wheels

Happy Thanksgivings

Dear Js,
Happy Thanksgiving! OK, confession time. I’m a grinch. Holidays make me sad. I don’t really know why. One of the reasons could be because it feels like everyone is trying to force me to be festive. JINGLE BELLS! JINGLE BELLS! Come on! Why

This made me cry on Christmas

Dear Js,
‘Twas the day before Christmas. Up north went all of us… to the Exploratorium! It was our first time.
By the way, I’m off work this week and next, so you’ve been with us every day. Boy it’s killing me. My voice is

Discovering the joy of drawing

Dear Js,
One evening, I was supposed to be playing with you but I was mulling about a problem in my head. To sort my thoughts, I like to draw in my notebook. You came over and said, “Daddy, I want to draw with you.”

“Why do we have lights outside our house?”

Because once upon a time, Santa Claus put lights outside Jesus’ house so the three wise men knew which the right house was. (Mama said, “Daddy!”)
Dear Js,
Thanksgiving is done, Christmas has come. The decorations are out and up. We bought a little tree

Whole Foods Christmas Trees ended our family tradition

Thanksgiving is over. That means for many people, it’s Christmas. For us, it means it’s time for our family tradition of hunting for our perfect Christmas tree at a tree farm.
It’s something we enjoyed doing for many years… until something happened to us this