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Goodbye, titi :(

Dear Js, It’s been 4 months since I last wrote. I really fell off the horse this time. And now I’m trying to climb back on. Forgive my sloppiness as I dump stuff on here to catch back up. The last draft I had in

3 days at a secret beach paradise (for families with kids)

Dear J, I don’t know how we’re getting you back to school. I don’t even know what story we’ll have to concoct to trick you to come home. Today you cried for half an hour because you realized it was Sunday: “I don’t want to

Best naptimes with oscillating fan, rain and Coquis

It was a long flight. We survived. First hop was the red-eye to JFK in New York… Second hop was to San Juan. Mama didn’t look too good. She didn’t sleep at all. She was cradling Julie and she was too nervous she’d drop her.

Happy Birthday to me, I’m off to the plane with you three!

Dear J, You said, “I want to eat the middle, you can eat the outside.” You want us to have birthdays because you make them your birthdays. This letter will be shorter than usual. We’re leaving for Puerto Rico tomorrow night. Today’s Friday. We haven’t