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Goodbye, dad :(

Eulogy (the version before I edited it)
Thank you everyone for being here. I think my dad would have loved to know so many of you love him. And thank you Ng and Chan cousins and and uncles and aunties for all the help. Especially

Goodbye, titi :(

Dear Js,
It’s been 4 months since I last wrote. I really fell off the horse this time. And now I’m trying to climb back on. Forgive my sloppiness as I dump stuff on here to catch back up.
The last draft I had in

Star Wars storywalk

Dear Js,
This has been a crazy year. We had a ‘war room’ for the last few months, chasing after an aggressive goal. All that hard work. No financial reward as yet. Just experience and scars.
Outside of work, I have killed Secret Campfire. And

I can bunny hop

Dear Js,
love the new bike
new world of pain
Day 1 – rode bike back from seller. Rear shifter pall was gummed up, didn’t shift down. Didn’t matter, I didn’t change gears once. Seller said front might have slow leak. I think he

How to bunny hop (or, a dummy’s notes from learning from scratch)

Dear Js,
Day 1 – went to pick up a bike from someone on Craigslist. Seller said front might have slow leak. I said I was going to ride it back and he had a guilty look on his face. He gave a mini bike

Saved your life again

Dear Js,
I saved your life, j. Again. I thought you would have learned after the last time you almost drowned. But NOPE. It’s our fault I guess. Because there’s no way the human race survived this long without learning that water is danger. But

“I am a bad boy”

Dear Js,
Abu left.
On the way to the airport:
J: “Mama, I don’t want Abu to leave us.”
Abu silent
j: “I’m feeling a little sleepy”
closed eyes
J: “but then you won’t be able to say goodbye to Abu.”
j: “at least I

Diving for rocks at bottom of icy pool

Dear Js,
I saw rocks in our pool. We had a windy thunderstorm yesterday but no California wind could have picked the rocks over the pool fence and dropped them in the pool. I yelled into the house and mama said J did it. You

First visit to Grandma & Grandpa’s home (+ uncle’s wedding)

Dear Js,
Oh man. We’re finally back home. You have no idea. So happy to be home. And now that we’re finally over our jetlag, let me tell you how it went…
Act 1: Plane ride to KL. It started alright. We had tons of

Difficult but happy (+Goodbye new home, flying to old home)

Dear Js,
I wanted to write a quick letter to you this time, because we’ll be leaving for KL in a few days. I wanna share the most recent home things first, before we’re sucked into the Chaos over there. So unlike my usual long