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Difficult but happy (+Goodbye new home, flying to old home)

Dear Js, I wanted to write a quick letter to you this time, because we’ll be leaving for KL in a few days. I wanna share the most recent home things first, before we’re sucked into the Chaos over there. So unlike my usual long

Happy Thanksgivings

Dear Js, Happy Thanksgiving! OK, confession time. I’m a grinch. Holidays make me sad. I don’t really know why. One of the reasons could be because it feels like everyone is trying to force me to be festive. JINGLE BELLS! JINGLE BELLS! Come on! Why

Failures are signs you’re going the right way

Dear Js, Don’t tell her I told you this. Mama felt down all this week. A few weeks ago, she was excited to work on her biz. Things were popping. Newsletter, moms, group, workshop, pediatrician. So many things. This week, everything seemed to fall apart.

Hurt my back again, bouncy houses this time (and dinosaurs)

Dear Js, Aww jeez. Just as my back was healing up from the trampoline park, your friend had to have her birthday this weekend… at an indoor “bouncy house park.” Of course I re-injured my back. Like the trampoline park, this was an indoor place.