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“I want dino crayon”

We were walking down the aisle at the store when… “I want dino crayon” “What?” “I want the dinosaur crayon” “Why would there be a dinosaur cray- oh…” Why this is brilliant: It grabs attention using the one thing you love DINOSAURS! It’s hard to

This might be 9x more effective than your business card

Got a business card? How’s that working for you? Does it work hard to bring you people who are ready to buy? Is it so valuable that your prospects will photocopy it to share with their friends? Or… does your business card just look pretty,

Write backwards

Did you hear the one about a kindergarten teacher and a girl with boots that won’t fit? The teacher spotted a little girl pulling on her red boots so hard, she tipped over, fell on her back and started crying. The teacher rushed to help,

Did God accidentally reveal how to write the ultimate Bio?

Writing to drive action is not about slinging fancy words. It’s about knowing things. And fixing what you don’t know. What you don’t know hurts you twice: Once because problems become harder than they need to be, and twice because as long as you don’t

Do you make the mistake of saying what’s on your mind?

Is your writing selfish? Do you go: “We are the best! Haha! I’m witty and funny! I am cool! I am quirky! Look at me! Me me me We we we I I I me me me…” ? That’s okay, it’s not your fault. School

You don’t need to be a wordsmith – you need to listen

Some writers obsess with spelling, punctuation, grammar and adjectives. Some lose sleep trying to be funny, witty or cute. Some brag about their awards or mastery of style guides and writing rules… or the thickness of their thesaurus. Some scream HYPE! while others prefer Vague.

Copy Cub’s Simple Writing Guide for Troublemakers

Hello, and welcome to the start of a series of tips to write better. Warning: these will NOT make you a better writer. In fact, they will most likely make your writing worse. If you’re in school, this could fail you out of your classes.

How to raise money during a natural disaster – for a different cause

Mayor Bloomberg finally relented to the angry protests — the 2012 New York Marathon was cancelled. The mayor had previously insisted that the marathon would go ahead and would “give people something to cheer about”. He even reassured that hosting the event would not, as

Whole Foods Christmas Trees ended our family tradition

Thanksgiving is over. That means for many people, it’s Christmas. For us, it means it’s time for our family tradition of hunting for our perfect Christmas tree at a tree farm. It’s something we enjoyed doing for many years… until something happened to us this

How to get free publicity from big advertising failures

If you’re someone who invests in your business with your own money, you probably won’t want to do much brand or image advertising. Because as Raymond Rubicam put it: “The only purpose of advertising is to sell. It has no other justification worth mentioning.” Instead,