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How to raise money during a natural disaster – for a different cause

Mayor Bloomberg finally relented to the angry protests — the 2012 New York Marathon was cancelled. The mayor had previously insisted that the marathon would go ahead and would “give people something to cheer about”. He even reassured that hosting the event would not, as

How to multiply your influence with the Website+Facebook tango

The psychology of modern giving

If you’re a leader of a charity organization (or any community), you might find these tips useful. Let’s jump right to them: Use positive themes Negative campaigns work extremely well in getting people to act. But when building a long-term relationship, people are less likely

Be remarkable by playing the “Opposites Game”

If you’re a rebel at heart, you’ll like this game: List everything that everyone else is doing in your industry or category, and defy as many of them as possible. There’s no value in being another “me too” organization that gets lost in the crowd.

Multiply your success with technology

The goal of technology in business is simple: to take the most successful elements in your business, and amplify them — make them more effective and efficient. But remember: technology cannot make you successful. If you multiply a zero with anything, you’ll still get zero.

“Nobody cares about you until they know how much you care”

Very few things have lasting appeal across the generations as Superheroes (Superman, Batman, James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, etc). But what’s special about them that gives them timeless appeal while others fail? What can you learn from successful superheroes to be more attractive to your ideal

Stop “Cold Prospecting” — be a sunflower

A sunflower does not need to hunt down hummingbirds. It attracts with sweet nectar. More importantly, the sunflower does not care to attract all animals with its nectar. It doesn’t care what dogs, rabbits, snakes, fish or eagles think of it. It’s selective. In the

“Who are you, and who should care?”

When I first met Maya, Maya’s Hope had not yet defined its identity. Maya was torn between 1) trying to appear professional (she used to work with stuffy Finance suits), and 2) putting herself out there as the face and heart of the organization. In