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“I am a bad boy”

Dear Js, Abu left. On the way to the airport: J: “Mama, I don’t want Abu to leave us.” Abu silent j: “I’m feeling a little sleepy” closed eyes J: “but then you won’t be able to say goodbye to Abu.” j: “at least I

Happy Earth Birthday

Dear Js, On the last day of 2014… J: “Everybody sit on the couch and watch me pop my star. 1… 2… 3… No. 3… 2… 1… POFFFF. j pop your star!” j: “Me busy Jacha.” I think I finally figured out why holidays and

Happy Thanksgivings

Dear Js, Happy Thanksgiving! OK, confession time. I’m a grinch. Holidays make me sad. I don’t really know why. One of the reasons could be because it feels like everyone is trying to force me to be festive. JINGLE BELLS! JINGLE BELLS! Come on! Why

Work buys happiness (audio evidence)

Dear Js, It’s not easy being a stay-at-home parent. I feel it the days mama leaves me with you two when she works. But at least I get a break. Mama does it more or less full-time. If you ask me, it’s kinda like swimming

Why being a parent can make you happy

Dear Js, Before I became a dad, I used to wonder about what it meant to be one. Why did people do it? How does it make people happy? What will you miss if you didn’t experience it? Yesterday, I finally cracked the code. I

The terrible secret behind why we buy (and why you might never be happy)

Dear Js, Everything in this world is the driven by a hidden, unquenchable human desire. This desire is what dragged us so far away from caves… long after we have attained every comfort that our ancestors wished for, long after we’ve made ourselves invincible to

The happiest birthday of my life

Dear J, Yup. That’s you laying on the sidewalk. We were on our evening walk, when you decided to stop, drop and well… just lie there. It’s times like these that you force your mom and I to stop… and notice how happy you are.