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j’s first day at preschool

Dear Js, I love how comedians tell stories. I love how they can capture an audience and make them laugh. Here’s an example with Louis C.K. telling a story about his boat disaster with his kids — it’s from Jerry Seinfeld’s new series Comedians in

New school, new adventures

Dear Js, It was J’s first week at Bing. Abu is here to help with the transition. It hasn’t quite been the vacation we hoped for. j still nurses, and she won’t let Abu near her, let alone feed her with a bottle. So gone

Why being a parent can make you happy

Dear Js, Before I became a dad, I used to wonder about what it meant to be one. Why did people do it? How does it make people happy? What will you miss if you didn’t experience it? Yesterday, I finally cracked the code. I