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Diving for rocks at bottom of icy pool

Dear Js, I saw rocks in our pool. We had a windy thunderstorm yesterday but no California wind could have picked the rocks over the pool fence and dropped them in the pool. I yelled into the house and mama said J did it. You

j’s first day at preschool

Dear Js, I love how comedians tell stories. I love how they can capture an audience and make them laugh. Here’s an example with Louis C.K. telling a story about his boat disaster with his kids — it’s from Jerry Seinfeld’s new series Comedians in

I get scared too (+ broken nose? + WALKING!)

Dear Js, I pretend to be strong on the outside. But I get scared too. I’ve been thumping my chest, psyching myself to open Secret Campfire and start luring people to it. I have some low quality traffic comprised of distracted people. My plan is