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I can’t be the dad you want me to be

Dear Js,
I now know what it’s like… to feel like I might not make it. You know what I mean? Think about all the times you tried something hard. I’m talking about that moment your body and your brain says, “I quit.” When you’re

Checked myself into self therapy with your first imaginary friend

Dear Js,
Today, I’m writing without knowing where I’m heading. I’m using writing as a way to work out a problem I have with my temper. I don’t know what it is about, so I hope that writing about it will help me slow down

The terrible secret behind why we buy (and why you might never be happy)

Dear Js,
Everything in this world is the driven by a hidden, unquenchable human desire. This desire is what dragged us so far away from caves… long after we have attained every comfort that our ancestors wished for, long after we’ve made ourselves invincible to

Tumbling with Free Will

Dear J,
You discovered dandelions for the first time this weekend. In many ways, you force us to slow down and see what you see. Because otherwise we’d be too busy or distracted to notice that amazing things happen around us.
Last night, you fell