we can rebuild him

we can rebuild him

Remember this? “We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Betterstrongerfaster.

That’s from the intro of the TV series Six Million Dollar Man (or Sixty Million Dollar Man in today’s dollars). In it, astronaut Steve Austin was severely injured in a crash and reconstructed with “bionic” implants that give him super strength, speed and vision. (If you still don’t recognize it, think Will Smith in the movie I, Robot instead.)

Augmenting and enhancing our mortal limitations with technology is a recurring theme in science fiction. But quite often, science fiction creeps into reality…

First woman with a “bionic” arm

Claudia Mitchell is a Marine who lost her arm in a motorcycle accident. Two years later, researchers at the Center for Bionic Medicine replaced it with a “bionic” arm she can control by thought alone, and rewired her nerves so she can “feel” with her artificial fingers as well.

Today, you too can accomplish feats that science fiction authors only dreamed of— you have the technology to amplify yourself to superhuman levels —and you’d be foolish for not using it to your advantage.

But what exactly do you amplify? Good question. It’s simple. Before you drive yourself crazy aimlessly tinkering with every available piece of technology, hopefully this will give you some clarity on how to augment (and not overwhelm) yourself with technology…

At the very core of every business is the Sale. If you can’t sell or if no one wants to buy, there can be no business. If you strip away everything in your business until all you have left is your product or service, you should still be able to do some manual labor, present your case to your ideal prospects and convert some of them into happy customers. If you can’t even close a single sale in person, 1-to-1, with your ideal prospect… you have serious problems that you need to confront first.

Now assuming that you do know how to make people happy and receive monetary compensation in return, this is where we start. This process— where you guide your best people from sad strangers to happy clients —is the foundation… and what you want to amplify and magnify.

1. Capture yourself at your best

As you talk with your ideal prospects (and address their concerns, answer their questions, help them visualize their future; neutralize fears and doubts, eliminate alternative solutions, present your solution, etc), you may notice a pattern, or find yourself repeating certain things. You may notice some things stick with your ideal prospects more than others. Some things may get under their skin, hit a nerve, agitate and frustrate… or make them tear up, share their personal stories with you or even cause them to jump and hug you in relief and joy.

This conversation is your presentation. It is hard to deliver a perfect presentation in person consistently every single time. You’re also limited by how many people you can meet with personally each day.

The solution: capture it digitally. This way, instead of having to deliver a perfect presentation every time, you only have to capture a perfect presentation once, then replay it forever.

Every piece of communication and interaction must be an extension of your perfect 1-to-1 presentation.

2. Immortality

Invest your resources in creating assets that last forever or can be reused indefinitely. For example, capture your perfect presentation on video and transcribe it into print. Create digital content. On the other hand, reject activities that demand a lot of your time or money but only provide a one-time, one-off return.

Your digital avatars do not need to eat, sleep or be motivated. They can also be used over and over, and your one-time investment to create your digital avatar will reach one person as easily as it reaches one million. Your digital content can live forever — allowing you to continue helping people even after you’re gone.

3. Omnipresence

Your time is precious, so it’s important to minimize how much time you spend talking to people one-on-one. Design scenarios that allow you to communicate to many people at once.

There are two ways you may communicate with an audience: live or recorded. For live interactions, use group presentations, classes, demos, seminars, webinars, etc — anywhere you can address multiple people for the price of one presentation.

For recorded content, a quick and easy way is to record a successful live “presentation” — capture it on video or audio and get it transcribed. Then, distribute and broadcast your recorded content online (via your website, blog, video sharing websites, social media platforms, Q&As, email autoresponders, etc.) or offline (via letters, ads, brochures, magazines, CDs, DVDs, etc).

4. Replace yourself with robots

No matter what business you’re in, whatever you’re selling, only a small number of all your prospects will end up deciding to take action. Only a small number will say ‘Yes’, while most people will not say ‘Yes’.

For example, at the very beginning, anyone can show up at your “front door” — jumbled with your serious buyers are: tire-kickers, people who don’t really care, aren’t serious, aren’t ready, not sure, or don’t want what you have to offer, etc. Trying to interact one-on-one in person with everyone at this stage is madness.

So challenge yourself and ask, “How can I spend time only with people who are most likely to say ‘Yes’?”

A good way is through “lead generation”: give out free information on your website to educate people, and help them decide if what you have is right for them (or not). For example, give out a special report for: “5 things you need to know before you spend money on _________”, or “How to choose a good _________”, or “7 questions for your _________” (fill in the blanks with your profession, product or service).

This way, you make people raise their hands for a certain offer you put out — you generate “leads”. Use this system to sift and sort everyone who visits you, so that you only have to spend you time with the people who are most likely to say Yes.

The heart of your business is the Sale, so to multiply your business, you need multiplied salesmanship.

Take advantage of these 4 superpowers to lead your ideal prospects back to you— to sell —automatically. Always capture a way to stay in touch, so you can follow-up with them, and guide them the rest of the way.