In life's journey, everyone is always going somewhere. And that's where you want to be.

If people are like gazelles in the savanna, your business is merely a blade of grass in their journey of life.

Put simply: No one cares about you as much as you do.

Why? Because they don’t live in your world. They live in their world. And to them, their world is more important than your world.

Just as with the migrating animals, we should not hope to alter the forces of nature. It’s futile to make people care about anything they don’t already care about.

You know what they care about instead? Themselves. Even people who are not apparently selfish… are selfish. That is, they “selfishly” operate within their own unique belief system. Every thought, decision and action is based upon their world.

So if you really care about helping and serving people… you must forget about you. From now on, their world is where you must live, and you must leave your world behind.

But remember: cool people don't look at explosions

As you enter their world, recognize that they have their fears, doubts, frustrations, pains, joys, dreams and desires. They think and feel in their world. They have conversations going on inside their heads. Most importantly, all their decisions are made in their world.

It’s also important to note that people don’t decide to buy things randomly or by accident — what we buy is a consequence of changes in our lives. As we live, grow and change… we buy.

Think about that for a minute: What did you spend money on when you…

Moved into a new apartment?
Got a job?
Adopted a dog or cat?
Broke up with your ex?
Decided to exercise more often?
Got married?
If you’re a parent, you know the biggest life-changer is one word: Baby.

Every purchase is preceded by a certain tangible (or intangible) event. It’s only when you have an intimate understanding of your prospect’s world, that you’re able to appreciate which phase of life she’s in. Timing is everything. Arrive too early or too late… and you are a pest. But arrive at just the right time… and you can be a hero.

Figure out precisely when your prospect’s goals and behaviors align with yours. This will lead you to discover when your prospects are most receptive to what you have to offer, and where you can best reach them.

These moments also happen to be catalysts of all great love stories: chance encounters, at the right place at right time, love at first sight, etc.

Some people call this luck, and in romance novels, they call it fate or destiny.

In a Good business, it’s simply doing what’s right, and it’s the foundation of a lifelong relationship with your ideal customers.

Next: mastering your entrance; and how NOT to introduce yourself.