Jardy (jardysantiago.com) is a House Dancer fighting out of San Jose, California. After travelling to teach in different countries, he discovered that many people didn’t have the chance to learn dance where they lived. When he returned to USA, he made it his mission to change that.

It started with free tutorials he put up on YouTube for his local students. What he didn’t expect was that people from all over the world loved them too… and they couldn’t get enough.

Today, he probably has the best House Dance tutorials online.

Here’s how we created an Online Avatar to collect the email addresses of his YouTube fans automatically:

Here’s a simple flowchart of the lead capture system:

YouTube video sends fans to website

Website captures contact info

Contact info is automatically collected at Mailchimp

Fans get secret goodies

Hero & Sidekick

Super Streek

As an extra personal touch, Streek plays his “sidekick”. Fans love pointing him out in the videos, and he’s cute eye candy that holds attention whenever Jardy isn’t moving in his videos. The Internet is a scary place where we all start out as strangers — little personal things like this help.