This is a time capsule with the most valuable lessons I’ve learned. It was originally meant for my kids, but I thought what the hell, maybe you might find it useful too.

The heart of this place comes from an idea called “force multiply”. During the Vietnam War, a handful of Green Berets managed to train and build up indigenous tribes into a 60,000-member guerrilla army — the Civil Irregular Defense Force.

In the same way, I believe strength comes from building people, not things, and the most powerful army isn’t made up of strong soldiers, but leaders who create more leaders.

And in the same spirit of someone I owe a lot to, the way I prefer to get ahead is by lifting the people around me up.

So, start by grabbing your two welcome gifts:

  1. Space Bakery: 18 Simple Recipes for More Customers + (Bonus) 72 surprising ways to double your prices or fees with zero resistance (PDFs)
  2. Copy Cub’s Simple Writing Guide for Troublemakers

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  1. The truth about what makes you brave
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Or dive right into the meat and veggies:

  1. Free your mind
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  3. Serve
  4. Multiply

Aaron (aaron@lionsofgood.com)