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“I want dino crayon”

We were walking down the aisle at the store when…
“I want dino crayon”
“I want the dinosaur crayon”
“Why would there be a dinosaur cray- oh…”
Why this is brilliant:

It grabs attention using the one thing you love
DINOSAURS! It’s hard to

This might be 9x more effective than your business card

Got a business card? How’s that working for you? Does it work hard to bring you people who are ready to buy? Is it so valuable that your prospects will photocopy it to share with their friends?
Or… does your business card just look pretty,

Whole Foods Christmas Trees ended our family tradition

Thanksgiving is over. That means for many people, it’s Christmas. For us, it means it’s time for our family tradition of hunting for our perfect Christmas tree at a tree farm.
It’s something we enjoyed doing for many years… until something happened to us this

How to get free publicity from big advertising failures

If you’re someone who invests in your business with your own money, you probably won’t want to do much brand or image advertising.
Because as Raymond Rubicam put it: “The only purpose of advertising is to sell. It has no other justification worth mentioning.”

How John Neeman made Axe Crafting sexy with one homemade video

Welcome to Doing it Right #1 — case studies of successful marketing. The goal is to use these as learning opportunities — to hunt for killer ideas to ethically steal for your own business.
If you sell a product you create yourself, or if you